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Person-Centred Supervision: My Approach

Supervision is gathering the treasures of the past into the competencies of the present for the wellbeing of the future

As a person-centred supervisor, we will work in an environment characterised by the core conditions. It will be a space where we get closer to your experience of your clients as we develop trust in your own instincts and intuition. This will help you be more present and self-aware as you continue to work with your clients.

I maintain a curious stance with our work, as we hold your work up to the light and wonder about the different meanings and truths that we notice. I believe that being open about ourselves and our clients enriches and creates possibilities to different ways of being.


Your work will also be reviewed in the context of the BACP ethical framework, along with legal and institutional requirements. Development of your practice, CPD, and marketing can also be explored.


I have extensive experience of working with student and newly qualified counsellors, although I welcome all counsellors at any part of their career.

Group Supervision

Sharing your client work within a group provides you with a richer set of perspectives, as well as giving you the opportunity to help peers which will also support your own development.

I have facilitated many supervision groups where I encourage an honest and supportive environment where we can learn from our client work. Group sizes should be 3 or 4, with the contract negotiated to meet the requirements of the group.

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