Specialising in Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Couples Therapy and Identity


Anxiety is a natural response when we face uncertain situations with a perceived threat, creating a feeling of unease, worry or fear. Anxiety can heighten our senses and change our behaviour. However, anxiety can become a problem when it dominates our thoughts and feelings, stopping us from doing things.

If anxiety is becoming a problem for you, we can explore when you feel anxious, what events or situations cause you to worry, and develop a greater understanding and acceptance of what is going on for you. We may explore some mindfulness techniques to help you relax when you feel anxious or consider writing a journal to help you clarify your feelings in response to specific situations. Through exploring your anxiety, you will get to know yourself better which will help you feel calmer when you face uncertainty situations.


Depression is a feeling of sadness and is often associated with a loss of interest in doing things that you enjoy. You may experience a change in your diet, sleep patterns, energy levels, and physical activity. Depression is experienced with low mood, feeling guilty, low self-esteem, and difficulty thinking or concentrating.

Everyone is affected by depression in different ways, so if you are feeling depressed, we can explore your feelings around this, and consider what events have caused you to feel this way, or what expectations that you have that are going unfulfilled. Identifying some things that you can do to help, such as a change in diet, reduce alcohol consumption, physical exercise, and goal setting; these will help you to lift your mood and develop a sense of purpose. The use of journaling and mindfulness techniques will also help you understand your depression and help you re-connect with yourself.


A key part of our lives are the relationships that we have with others, bringing with them happiness, love and support. However, maintaining healthy relationships can be challenging as they need our full care and attention, and can lead to disappointment when they break down and fail to meet our expectations.

Relationship challenges can come present us in many forms, such as affairs, separation, loss of trust, drifting apart, and broader family conflicts. If you are experiencing relationship difficulties, we can have a look at who you are and what you need and want from your relationships with others. We can learn from your previous relationships and start to understand your sense of self so that you are clearer on what you can offer someone else in a relationship. Through the work we will focus on honesty, respect and how you communicate to help you develop fulfilling and healthy relationships.

Couples Therapy

While romantic relationships bring us joy, they can also be hard work as problems and difficulties arise. Many problems can be resolved without the need for any support, however, occasionally when difficulties persist or feel overwhelming working with a therapist may be the best approach to rebuild or assess the relationship.

Many relationship issues are due to poor communication resulting in desires or wishes are not being communicated effectively, or an inability to fully understand each other. This inability to effectively communicate may lead to frustration, disappointment, or anger. Working together, we will create a safe space for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings to each other, with a focus on listening and acknowledging each other. We may also explore other relationships with family and friends to enable us to understand the broader context of your relationship. This will help you gain a better understanding of each other, your relationship, and the difficulties and problems that you’re experiencing.


Who you are makes you unique, it’s how you define yourself and is an important part of how you feel about yourself. Developing an identity is part of how we develop and grown, and changes as we get older. However, problems can arise if the values and beliefs we hold do not match who you really are which can lead to discomfort, confusion, or possibly loneliness.

A significant life event or stress in your life can raise questions about who you are as you question your purpose, values and beliefs. You may discover that you are not your authentic self as you please others by conforming to their values rather than your own. You may be unhappy with your career, relationships, personality, and start searching for more meaning in your life. Through the work together we can begin to identify how your identity has been shaped by your experiences and others in your life; and as we peel back the expectations of others we can discover your authentic self. This greater self-awareness with give you a stronger voice, develop your relationships, and be more in tune with your own experiencing and emotions.