• Anthony Snell

Is everything that is said confidential?

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

With some exceptions, everything that is shared within a counselling session is confidential. In order to maximise the benefit of counselling it is important that you feel safe to share anything that you wish. The therapist is not there to make judgement on what you share, the therapist is there to accept and understand you. By developing an open and honest relationship with your therapist increases the benefits of the counselling sessions.

The exceptions to confidentiality is if you disclose activity concerning terrorism, drug trafficking or money laundering that you are directly or indirectly involved with. If such a disclosure is made the therapist is required by law to report this.

The other exception is if the therapist believes that you are at risk of harm to yourself or others. You will agree with the therapist during the first session the process that will be followed in this case.

Both of these limits to confidentiality will be made clear during the first session and will form part of the written contract given to you.


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