• Anthony Snell

Why does talking help?

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

You may have felt the cathartic effect of letting off steam, getting something off your chest, or ranting at anyone who is nearby. Simply talking at anyone will make you feel better. A similar principle applies within the therapy session, where you are able to unload all of those thoughts that seem to be trapped in your mind. The difference from talking to your friend, partner or colleague is that the therapist will be actively listening to you. During the therapy session the counsellor will be genuinely attempting to understand what you are sharing, with no judgement or expectations.

As you work with counsellor, you will find the words that closely matches the issues that you're exploring. This will lead to greater understanding and acceptance of your situation which will in turn lead to personal change. The change will be a greater awareness of what is going on with you, which will put you in a stronger position to decide how you want to be. Consequently, when you face your daily challenges you will have greater understanding of why you feel the way you do, putting you in a stronger position to make decisions that are right for you.


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