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My Approach

My approach is to provide you with a confidential space for you to explore your emotions and experiences to help you gain greater understanding and acceptance of your authentic self. As we find the right words to describe how you are feeling, your self-awareness and confidence will grow which will give you strength to be who you are rather than be who others want you to be. Finding your own voice will help you feel empowered to resolve the problems and challenges that you face.

Most importantly I am not here to direct, guide or give you advice, my role is to facilitate the process of you discovering your authentic self by reflecting your own experiences and emotions.


In addition to our time together we will explore some things you can do in between sessions, such as writing a journal, meditation, and other mindfulness activities which will help you be more present with yourself.


  • Sessions last for 50 minutes and can be held on zoom or over the telephone.


  • Appointments are available during the day and evening, Monday to Friday.


  • For individuals, the session costs £40; for couples the session will cost £50. Concessions are available.


  • To book a session you can send me an email, a whatsapp message, text or phone.


  • Once a session has been booked, I will send you our counselling agreement. Payment should be made before the start of the session.


  • Cancellations are free up to the day before our session, but will need to be paid in full if cancelled on the day.

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